North Carolina New Filing Status and Standard Deduction Change

A new state filing status has been added to North Carolina customers as MARRIED-1 which is Married filing jointly with a new standard deduction amount of 17,500.  Employees that need this status will need to be updated in Personnel Demographics. In addition the standard deduction for for Head of Household has been updated to 14,000. The statuses of SINGLE and MARRIED remain at 8750.

Georgia Department of Labor Quarterly Unemployment File

The GA Department of Labor Quarterly Unemployment file has been changed to meet the new specifications which includes a CSV file for online upload for the Quarterly TAX and Wage report.  On the Select and Range screen users will need to input the file name and include .csv as the extension now following the same filename recommendations incorporating the quarter and year in the filename. For example, for the 2nd quarter of 2018, use filename of: GAUNEMP2ND2018.csv.