Budget Preparation

  Let’s talk budgets. Often, I don’t believe that OpenRDA’s Budget Preparation module gets the respect it deserves. Not trying to imitate the late (and great) Rodney Dangerfield, but . . . In a blog posting from last October, I … Read More

Manual Reconciliation

Not that there’s anything wrong with it! Recently, a user emailed me saying that it appeared that expense from a voided check was duplicated in the OpenRDA software. My first thought was that the processes for the voided check hadn’t … Read More

A Favorite Word and Report

Plethora!  I always thought that was such a neat word. But (after googling it recently) not so much some of its synonyms (excess, surfeit). You’ve probably heard me say that OpenRDA has a plethora of reports.  And, I mean that … Read More