Financial Management

Fiscal Year End

It’s that time of year! For those of you with a July-June fiscal year, the year end is fast approaching. We are thrilled to offer you software in which each year (as well as each month and quarter) stands on … Read More

All New Virginia Annual School Report Module

All New Virginia Annual School Report Module Virginia K12 Finance Directors, are you spending significant amounts of time on your Annual School Report? We can help. Resources are stretched thin, especially so in the last year. That’s why RDA is … Read More

All New Employee Self Serve 2.0 Portal

All New Employee Self Serve 2.0 Portal With RDA’s release of ESS 2.0, you have access to an online portal that reduces Payroll and HR staff workload while improving service to employees. Now available with ESS 2.0… Personal Information Management … Read More

Manual Reconciliation

Not that there’s anything wrong with it! Recently, a user emailed me saying that it appeared that expense from a voided check was duplicated in the OpenRDA software. My first thought was that the processes for the voided check hadn’t … Read More

Bank Accounts

You probably know how many individual bank accounts you have; but, how many do you really need? If you have a different bank account for each different fund, that really isn’t necessary when you have true fund accounting software. Pooled … Read More

Reconciling Bank Statements

Who reconciles your organization’s bank statements and can you tie back to the bank’s cash G/L account in Financial Management? First, the person who signs checks shouldn’t be the one reconciling bank statements. If your staffing is such that it … Read More

Returned Checks

Don’t you just hate it when you receive the notice from your bank that a check for a financial receipt has been returned?  As if you didn’t have enough to do! Do you know that OpenRDA has files and processes specifically designed so that … Read More