Pivot Towards Productivity with RDA’s Pivot Grid Module

Pivot Towards Productivity with RDA’s Pivot Grid Module

Imagine going into a team meeting where you had to present a myriad of unorganized, hard-to-read, statistical data. Countless rows of numbers make it next to impossible to get through all your information in such a short amount of time. Usually, people just need to understand the highlights of what your data means for them.

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Business Intelligence

What You Need to Know About Reporting and Business Intelligence

How to Leverage Business Intelligence to Your Organization’s Advantage?

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad term that refers to the collection and utilization of measured data to optimize an organization’s business processes. Decision makers use the data gleaned from analytics tools to learn more about their users and how they can enhance their experience. BI is valuable because it helps you determine what your constituents want and accurately predict their future actions. It also helps you gain a better understanding of what’s going on in your daily processes to catch errors along the way. When you understand why problems occur, you can take the necessary steps to prevent those issues from reoccurring.

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Fiscal Year End

It’s that time of year! For those of you with a July-June fiscal year, the year end is fast approaching. We are thrilled to offer you software in which each year (as well as each month and quarter) stands on … Read More

All New Virginia Annual School Report Module

All New Virginia Annual School Report Module Virginia K12 Finance Directors, are you spending significant amounts of time on your Annual School Report? We can help. Resources are stretched thin, especially so in the last year. That’s why RDA is … Read More

ACA Reporting Survey

  Greetings RDA Customers, As stated in our previous ACA Blog, please take a moment to complete the following survey.  This will help us support you with your ACA reporting: ACAReportingSurvey Thank you in advance for your time.

Clarifications on ACA Reporting

Are you unsure about whether you need to comply with ACA (Affordable Care Act) reporting requirements? All organizations have reporting responsibilities, whether or not they are an ALE (Applicable Large Employer). The responsibilities vary, however, based on whether an organization … Read More

A Favorite Word and Report

Plethora!  I always thought that was such a neat word. But (after googling it recently) not so much some of its synonyms (excess, surfeit). You’ve probably heard me say that OpenRDA has a plethora of reports.  And, I mean that … Read More

User Group Meetings Recap

Kathy Disalvo and I participated in two successful RDA User Group Meetings last week in VA.  A shout out to the teams at Russell County Schools (Katrina, Tammy & Susan) and Radford City Schools (Kerri & Patti) for hosting the … Read More

GASB Statement 54

GASB is a 4-letter word. Do you remember when GASB 34 was the latest statement? And, that now the number has reach 70 (or perhaps even higher as I write this)? Today, I want to talk about GASB Statement No. 54.  This one … Read More