Team Members


Alice Maloney-Bell retired in 2006 after a career as a government finance manager in Delaware. Since then, she’s been working a variety of part-time jobs that have included kitchen design and home decorating, among others. One of her more interesting part-time positions was working for a monument company where she sold headstones and also designed the artwork on them. She said it was an honor to collaborate with the surviving family members in the design process to best represent the loved one who passed away.

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Being Efficient Doesn’t Mean Being Effective!

Not all the latest technology or long-established processes are effective. They may have been efficient for someone at some time, but are they effective now? According to one article in Entrepreneur, “One of the easiest ways to botch your business’ first impression is to simply not answer your phone correctly.” Think about the last time you called a plumber or a doctor’s office and a muffled electronic voice announced: “Our Phone Menu has changed.” This usually is a warning of inconvenience and aggravation as you are immediately directed to hit “1” for this or “3” for that, followed by some propaganda about a new service, or the dreaded high call volume causing a delay for the next service representative.

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