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User Group Meetings Are Back!

User Group Meetings Are Back! Save the date!  We are excited to announce our next round of user group meetings!  Back in October we had our first ever Zoom based user group meetings with our Virginia client base. We think … Read More

Georgia User Group Meeting

We just recently wrapped up another successful RDA user group meeting, this one in our home state of Georgia! I’d like to thank our customers that made the trip: Morgan County, City of Chambee, City of Lake Park and Tullahoma … Read More

User Group Meeting

Last month I made the rather long trip from Atlanta to Bismarck for the ND School Board Association Annual Convention.  If you’ve ever had to make a connection at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, you know the walk from Gate G … Read More

User Groups

I’m taking some vacation time this week and will resume my blogs once I return. That’s why I won’t be attending/participating in the User Group Meeting being held in Warren County, Virginia, this week. Would so love to be there … Read More