RDA News Articles From Within OpenRDA

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Today’s blog posting isn’t going to be very long as I’m just returning from vacation but is something I wanted to share.

RDA News Articles automatically display below the task bar whenever you start OpenRDA. Are you closing/canceling your OpenRDA session at the end of the day? Do that and you’ll always see the latest news articles (and we do publish these on a fairly regular basis). You’ve read the lastest news or don’t have time to read it at the moment? Instead of minimizing the news window, close/cancel it (there should be an x on the upper right side of the screen or a close from the menu button on the upper left of the news screen). You can always get back to the News from Help (on the Resouce Bar) or from the Help button on the process screens.

I promise something more interesting for tomorrow when it’ll be “petal” to the metal again. Until then . . .



User Feedback Drives Service Improvements

We recently conducted the following survey- “Customer Service – What Makes it Good or Not?”.  Thank you to all that participated!  The results confirmed our assumptions.  We decided to focus on your top two items.

  1. Resolving a problem quickly was rated most important.  We will start tracking and reporting Time to Resolution (TtR) for each Help Desk Ticket.  This number will track the time from when the Ticket is created until it is closed.  We are making changes to our help desk system to automagically monitor this important number.  It should be in production by the end of October.  Once we have a baseline TtR,  we will then work to improve it.
  2. Speaking directly with someone was also highly ranked.  For those that request a telephone conversation, we are going to make every effort to respond in that manner.  If Help Desk Ticket emails go back and forth too many times, we are going to pick up the phone and call.  We are designing a system to track our performance on this.   More on this soon.

I will be reporting these important numbers to you as they become meaningful.  We need to collect a certain number of tickets before we can see the trends.  I firmly believe that the measurements (numbers) you watch will improve.   As we start watching the TtR number, I am confident we will see it trend in a direction that you will appreciate.

Thank you for helping us get better at serving you.  Let us know what you think by clicking the “Leave A Comment” link above.

More Is Better

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The AT&T commercials where the kids are asked “is it better to be fast than be slow” always gets a smile and laugh from me, especially the tape a cheetah to her back (but that’s another story in itself!). Thinking of these commercials leads me to pose this question to you: is it better to have too much information or not enough information? OpenRDA captures lots of data and mining it to meet everyone’s needs is challenging. All of the modules contain some powerful reports; they’re powerful due to all the options for sorting, totaling, ranging, selecting, etc. One I’d like for you to take a look at after the September 30, 2013, programs are installed is the Payroll Job Expense by Pay ID that is accessed from Accounting Reports. This report is a workhorse and extremely versatile as you’ll see from reviewing the Report Description tab on the range screen (and if you don’t have a NO DEDUCTIONS pay type, let me know; I’ll be happy to help you create it).

It’s not complicated; more information is better than not enough.




Best Practices for Posting

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Today’s blog is intended for finance directors and business managers.  Often (definitely more often than I would like) I see helpdesk tickets come in where we’re asked to change someone’s security profile so that the user can post activity that he/she has created. I strongly believe in the finance director/business manager having responsibility for posting of all activity as it’s the final step in the accounting processes (the person who entered the data has already reviewed the data via the audit trail and perhaps the distribution report). While you may not know with certainty whether the activity for a particular expenditure or revenue account code is correct, it does give you the opportunity to review the work of others in your organization, keeps you “in the know”  and can avoid some surprises (or embarrassing moments) at your board meetings.  Of course, I do hope you get to take vacations; so, designate/authorize someone to handle this responsibility when you’re out of the office!

How often should you post activity?  My recommendation is daily (if there isn’t anything to post, you’ll get no records selected).  Should you post the activity from modules separately or together?  Whichever makes it easier for you to review the data.  Do you need to print the report?  No, you don’t.  The Post Activity reports will automatically be in E-Documents (in the Financial Management module); so, save a tree and have a nice day!



Helping You Succeed

Greetings RDA customers!  I am Mimi English.  I want to take a few minutes of your time to let you know how excited I am to be taking on a new role at RDA.

As many of you know, I’ve spent most of my time in recent years working primarily on projects.  I am now moving into the  Customer Success Manager position.  I will continue to keep an eye on your projects, but I will also be keeping an eye on you!  If you have an issue, an idea, a need or you just don’t know where to turn, I’m your gal!  Yes…I even want your complaints!  Bring it on, I want to know all about it!

You might be thinking I’m going to be your account manager….not exactly.  I won’t be out on the road much.  Instead, I’ll be calling to check in on you.. If I spend my time on the road, I will lose sight of what is happening back at the office.  My job will be to stay in the  middle of it all, keeping track of what is going on with our customers and ensuring you are getting the information, help and feedback that you deserve.  There will still be a few of my co-workers out on the road from time to time. And when they get back to the office, I’ll be sure to follow up on all the info they bring home.

One of my favorite things about working at RDA is the personal relationships I build with our customers. I am excited to have the opportunity to expand my relationship with you. So get ready, you’ll be hearing from me.  In the meantime, if you need something, call me!  That’s what I’m here for and I really do look forward to helping each of you succeed!

Sharpening Your Ax

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.”  – Abe Lincoln

We are always working to help you be great at serving others.  We “sharpen your ax”, by improving the tools you use.

We are very excited to share that a browser based version of OpenRDA is coming soon. A “browser based” OpenRDA will run in a desktop web browser.  This will allow for many exciting features that are not currently possible.  It will also eliminate several hassles.  This will be an OpenRDA update and not an upgrade.  There will be no fees or charges for the update.    The public release date has not been set.  It is still several months away.  If you have questions or comments, I would love to hear from you (dedavis@openrda.com).

Stay tuned for more announcements.