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RDA Unlimited Training Flash Sale 2024

by RDA Systems

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RDA Unlimited Training Flash Sale!

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RDA Investment Summary Limited Time Offer Unlimited Remote User Training

Unlimited remote user training for the 2024 calendar year terms and conditions:

  • A one time, upfront cost of $1500 is good for training from Jan 1, 2024 through Dec 31, 2024.
  • Signed proposal must be received by 11:59 pm on 01/20/24.
  • Training must be scheduled in advance at an agreed upon date and time by both parties.
  • Trainees must be an employee of the paying organization.  Employees from other organizations and/or consultants and auditors are not eligible.
  • Best effort should be given to arrange training sessions so that multiple users within an organization can attend a single training session (e.g. schedule 3 users to attend one Vendor Payment session vs scheduling 3 different Vendor Payment training sessions for 3 different users).
  • Does not include training for new module purchases or modules/features that the organization does not have as of Jan. 1, 2024
  • Eligible users include those employed on Jan. 1, 2024. New employees/users may be included, pending RDA approval. A typical exclusion would be full training for the HR/PR suite for a new hire payroll clerk (typically 2-3 days of training).
  • Does not include consulting services such as, but not limited to troubleshooting:
    • data issues,
    • importing data,
    • emergency payroll processing
    • etc

If you have questions, or need additional guidance, please contact Riley Davis at riley.davis@rdasys.com or call at 770-402-7739.

Thank you for your interest. The Flash Sale has passed! Please contact Riley at riley.davis@rdasys.com for any questions or inquiries.

Your partner in small local government and school district ERP Systems

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