04/08/20 OpenRDA 4.0 and 3.0 Programs Released








New OpenRDA 4.0 Programs release version 4.0.53-41407 are available on the web. OpenRDA 3.0 Programs have a compile/release date of 03/17/2020. Programs Included in this release:




  • Changes to the look and instructions in several report screens
  • Changing of reports from .tsv outputs to .csv
  • Fixing a bug in the update to test process
  • Changes to ACA reports
  •  IL Schedule P reporting
  • Updates to positive pay
  • Updating the output of the census report
  • Changes to ND tax withholding tables
  • Updates to 2020 form 941
  • Removing inactive bank accounts from Bankrec reporting by default
  • Improving ranging options on several reports
  • Fix for standard affect select expressions in budget prep payroll
  • Updates to our new employee self serve product




























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