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Don't harbor old data.

Identify and eliminate your excess data before it becomes a major problem.

Do you have:

  • Years of data in your live directory?
  • Reports and queries taking way too long to complete?
  • Obsolete information that is simply taking up space?

If so…you need an ERP data purge.

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Your Data Stockpile is Growing!

As your organization continues to accumulate vast amounts of data, it is increasingly important to ensure that the data is accurate and reliable.  As the data accumulates, it takes the system longer to find data, and requires more system resources to do so.


What is a data purge?

A data purge is the process of removing old data and putting it into a historical directory.  You can select any number of years in your live directory (we normally recommend the current fiscal year plus 2 years).

Your data is still accessible!

Your history will still be right at your fingertips, stored on a cloud server and available through its own unique url.  Which means that if you are ever in need of it, you can access it quickly.

The Unrealized Value of Maintaining Clean Data

While it seems insignificant, there is real value in investing in a data purge.  Here’s an article we wrote called, “The Unrealized Value of Maintaining Clean Data.”  You can learn more about the benefits and the process before making the investment.

Don’t let old data be a source of unrest in your database!

Stop the waiting and schedule your organization's
ERP Data purge.

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