Concierge Support

Concierge Support

It is not just about software and technology . . . it is about the care you receive

With our online helpdesk technology, Freshdesk, we can:

· Streamline and manage all our client conversations in one place
· Enables our clients to leverage our advanced Knowledge Base
· Automate follow-ups, escalations, and time or event tasks
· Collaborate with other teams to resolve issues faster
· Engage in client conversations – anytime, anywhere
· Automate your repetitive work and save time
· and much more…

RDA offers Concierge Level Support, which is our Personal Care approach of providing client support and why our client satisfaction score consistently exceeds 9.5!

Our knowledgeable and caring client support team routinely delivers fast response and resolution times.

Just like you, we invest in the best technology to enhance the quality of RDA Concierge Support․

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Concierge Support can work for your team.

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