RDA Systems’ Pivot Grid Software

The RDA Systems’ Pivot Grid Reporting Tool

Stop being overwhelmed with paper reports and discover the Power of Enhanced Data Management with RDA Systems' Pivot Grid



Discover the Power of Enhanced Data Management with RDA Systems’ Pivot Grid

Discover the Power of Enhanced Data Management with RDA Systems' Pivot Grid

Welcome to a new era of data analysis and reporting with RDA Systems. We are excited to introduce you to our groundbreaking tools designed to revolutionize how you manage, analyze, and utilize your data.

Revolutionize Your Data with RDA's Reporting and Analytics Tool

Our team at RDA Systems has been diligently working to develop a comprehensive reporting and analytics tool, crafted in four strategic phases to bring you unparalleled data management capabilities.

Development Phases

  • Phase One: Table Views – Experience your RDA data like never before. Our new technology stack ensures faster, more flexible, and user-friendly access to key data. Watch in real-time as millions of records load in a blink, simplifying tasks such as payroll management and financial tracking.
  • Phase Two: Pivot Grid – The heart of our innovation. The Pivot Grid is an interactive and dynamic tool that turns your RDA data into a powerhouse of insights. Imagine an Excel spreadsheet, but supercharged and seamlessly integrated with your RDA data. Customize your view by easily dragging and dropping rows and columns, exploring data relationships in real-time, and making informed decisions on the fly.
  • In the pipeline…Phases Three and Four, where we will introduce sophisticated charts, graphs, and analytics, further enhancing your data visualization and decision-making capabilities.

Know that Your Feedback Matters
We’re not just about innovation; we’re about collaboration. Your insights drive our development, and we’re eager to hear how these tools can better serve your needs.

Empowering Decision Making for School Districts and Government Admins

Designed with rural school districts and government administrations in mind, our Pivot Grid tool addresses the unique challenges you face. Whether you’re managing finances, tracking resources, or analyzing performance, our tools are built to provide clarity and efficiency.

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Don’t wait to transform your data management approach. Phase One and Two are available now.  Join us in shaping the future of data management.

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