RDA Systems’ Pivot Grid Software

Convert Your Data into Actionable Insights!!

Demo the RDA Systems’ Pivot Grid Reporting software today!

Translate your data to valuable insights and stop letting your reports stay on the sidelines… you’ve got important decisions to make!!

Stop the madness with RDA Pivot Grids

Stop the Madness!!

Demo the RDA Systems’ Pivot Grid Reporting software today!

Get the information you need, how you need it and when you need it…at the tip of your fingers and end the reporting madness!!

Pivot Portals Reporting Software

Tired of having so much usable, sourced data at your disposal, but not enough time to organize it in a way that is meaningful for you and your team?

What if there were a software that could streamline the data organization process for you? What if that same software could cut back on time spent crunching numbers and increase your team’s productivity?

Good news…there is!

With RDA’s Pivot Grid Module, manipulating and organizing your data has never been easier. Our module allows your team to see the “bigger picture” when it comes to what your data means and how to use it.

The module will organize your data into concise, engaging, easy-to-understand models, graphs, and charts, creating ordered information that is less intimidating for those viewing it.

RDA Systems' Pivot Grid Module Benefits

  • RDA sends a spreadsheet template to your office
  • Run multiple tables where data is merged
  • Create dynamic reports
  • Use canned reports and templates within the module
  • Hosted securely in the Cloud
  • Integrated with RevMGT and OpenRDA

Time to Pivot?

Are you ready to pivot towards a smarter way of organizing and presenting your information that creates meaningful transparency? Contact RDA to schedule a demonstration or chat with one of our experienced team members about Pivot Grid!

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