07/14/20 OpenRDA 4.0 and 3.0 Programs Released

07/14/20 OpenRDA 4.0 and 3.0 Programs Released

New OpenRDA 4.0, release 4.0.57-41658 has been released externally and should be available for download for both 1204 and 1604 customers.

For OpenRDA 3.0, the compile / release date is 07/02/2020 and the release should be available for download. 

  • Editability of fields on GA TRS reporting
  • Adding additional ranging options for several reports
  • Changes and enhancements to the interface with AESOP
  • NY Retirement file changes and improvements
  • IL Retirement file changes and improvements
  •  Reporting hourly wages and hours worked for all staff – see product announcement for more information
  • Adding contract hours to Job Master Define list
  • Increasing the decimals to 4 places for leave summary
  • Changes to the void check/direct deposit process
  • Allow to zero out balances for a single leave job
  • Changes to bank positive pay file layout
  • New import options for utility billing
  • Changes to 1095 archive process
  • Vendor merge report changes
  • Adding ability to complete leave docked manually
  • PA Unemployment file update
  • Changes to rollovers


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