The latest release is Version 4.0.91-45777. This release includes many tax updates. Please remember there is an extra step after you run your program updates. You can find the details here in the Tax Table Solution.If RDA runs the updates for you, please look for an email letting you know when those will occur.

This release includes…

  • Fix for Expenditure Worksheet regarding new Budget Appropriations reporting type
  • Overhaul of 941 federal form to report employees whose sum of their various jobs crosses the $200,000 threshold for additional Medicare tax
  • Updates for deductions / tables for VA, IA and NY
  • Update for deduction and tables for federal tax
  • 2023 1095 B / C forms and reports
  • 2023 W2 forms and reports
  • Updated W2 electronic filing report for 2023
  • Updated 1099 MISC / NEC electronic filing reports for 2023
  • Fix for purchase order print and archive when showing account manager approver(s)
  • Changed the default Select Type for apply recurring vouchers in mass to Process Exceptions
  • Updated the 2024 SS withholding limits
  • Updated VA state tax table rates and standard deduction for 2024
  • Updated the GA state deduction for 2024
  • ND state tax table update for 2023
  • Added ranging options for emailing of direct deposits
  • Added message for personnel deduction check report so that, if no duplicate deductions are found, the system will produce a .pdf that states that, instead of producing an incomplete .pdf
  • Added GSV to control the visibility of the Annualized Hourly Rate field in the job
  • Changed the Final Wages column in the IMRF electronic file to N for no.
  • Changed the undo bank rec process from the voucher maintain so that all vouchers with that check number will be marked as not bank rec updated and not just the one being viewed
  • Corrected undo compute report so that it will also zero out check / DD numbers in personnel pays when doing so for job pays
  • Added back box 11, Adjustments to Quarterly Deposits, for the 941 federal form report range screen
  • Added 14 fields in the expenditure year file for budget prep appropriations, which will hold the appropriations values gathered from budget prep, separate from any journal entries; its visibility depends on the client having the budget prep module
  • Modified the expenditure worksheet report, adding the comparison type of Budget Appropriations
  • Added W-9 on File to the add purchase order vendor define list
  • Added the Health Plan to the vendor / employee deduction export
  • Changed the reclassify vendor vouchers process so that the reclassified voucher will not be marked as manual.
  • Changes to ESS time cards have been made to add the rate ID to the time card approver so that the rate ID will be on the time card record instead of being assigned when gathering time cards
  • Changes to the set and clear time card approver reports to also change the rate ID on the time card approver
  • Changes to the job maintain master and processes so that when a job is marked for deletion, the time card approver record in Breeze will be marked for deletion as well

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