The latest release is Version 4.0.90-45599. If RDA runs the updates for you, please look for an email letting you know when those will occur.

This release includes…

  • ESS email notifications when employees make a change to their records
  • A new report has been added to verify if there are any employees with more than one FEDERAL deduction PAYROLL > CONCLUDE TAB> FINAL VALIDATIONS REPORT > PERSONNEL DEDUCTION CHECK
  • Updated the CPI file with new file specs
  • Updates to the Job Deduction Accounts Query-Added Employee Name, Current Employee and Active job to the define list
  • Export Emergency Contact report updated to contain contact name and phone number
  • Added an option for Rejected POs to go back to the original entry person instead of closing
  • Added a Forbid Change Request option to Personnel Demographics in OpenRDA
  • Retirement plan now added as a range option on Leave reports
  • One time pay has been changed so that the new job is not marked as Primary job
  • Updated the GA New Hire report with new file specs
  • Added a Medicare Calculations Reports to the Validation Reports PAYROLL > CONCLUDE TAB> FINAL VALIDATIONS REPORT > MEDICARE CALCULATIONS REPORT
  • Reformatted the date fields on to the Job & Personnel Demographics Export
  • Create a report to mass set the Health Lan for Personnel Demographics PERSONNEL > MAINTENANCE > SET/CHANGE > HEALTH PLAN
  • Added a range on Grant ID for the Expenditure Summary report in Budget Prep
  • Added formatted Account code on Sync Year Amounts report in Financial Management
  • Added “Annualized Annual Rate” to the job screen
  • Added Health Plan to the range screen on payroll vendor withholding verification report

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