12/29/20 OpenRDA 4.0 Programs Released

New OpenRDA 4.0 Programs release version 4.0.62-42458.deb are available on the web.  This release contains both year end and non year end related enhancements.

Year End Programs Included in this release:

  • A new process to print the new 1099-NEC – see blog post https://rdasystems.com/2020/12/29/2020-1099-irs-changes-new-form/
  • New changes to the 2020 1099- MISC form
  • 2020 W2 form changes
  • 2020 1095 Form changes
  • Archive functions updated for all year end form changes
  • Created an excel import process for Box 14 W2 for Covid Wages
  • Electronic file process updated for 2020 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC

Still outstanding for Year End:

  • 2020 W2 Electronic file changes
  • 2020 1095 Electronic file changes

Non Year End Programs Included in this release:

  • Created undo buttons for vendor vouchers from the query screen (similar to Journal entries and Receipts)
  • Additional ranging and viewing options on the “set reported hours” report
  • Update to the merge vendors process
  • Updates to several reports functionality and range screens
  • All new CSV export for Balance sheet detail
  • All new CSV export for Revenue activity detail
  • Detail worksheet report for revenue
  • Improvements to  Vendor Payments combined processes reports and home screens

Due to many customers being out of the office this week, we will be updating customer’s sites that are on auto updates by default next week. We will reach out on scheduling for next week. However, if you would like your auto updates done this week, please contact support@rdasys.com and we will schedule it! 


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