Fiscal Year End Sale

Fiscal Year End Sale!

As the fiscal year comes to an end we frequently find ourselves cleaning up, cleaning out and getting around to those “to do’s” that have been sitting on a post it note for months.

We’d like to help!  We are putting sale prices on some of our more popular year end services.

Online training for only $800 per day: You will receive the undivided attention of one of our product experts. Whether it be a new user with little or no experience or an experienced user that needs to learn a new task, our experts will share a desktop session and walk users through the process, answer questions and help them feel more comfortable with our software.

20% off data purges: Do you have years and years and years of data in your live directory? Have you noticed reports and queries taking a little too long to run?  It may be time to purge some of your older data into a historical directory. We can keep any number of years in your live directory (we usually recommend the current fiscal year plus the 2 previous) and then put all that history in a separate data space. Your history will still be right at your fingertips, stored on your cloud server and available through its own unique url.  This is one of our best year end clean up services! Prices vary based on data size, but we’ll take 20% off large or small!

15% off new digitized signature setups: Tired of hand signing checks or POs?  We can automate the signature process for up to three signature lines on checks and one signature on POs. Set up signatures for the new year to save 15%,  and you will no longer have checks or POs lying around waiting on signatures!

Sale prices apply to signed proposals received by July 15th, 2018. And don’t forget some of our other services that are helpful at year end:

  • Account Code Changes and Conversions: need help with ESSA reporting?
  • Frontline Absence and Time Integrations: why key leave, sub and time transactions when you can import them from Frontline into OpenRDA
  • Leave Liability Reporting: we can create a custom report to calculate your annual liability

If you need any assistance with your year end processes or have any questions about these services, be sure to let us know!  

Happy Summer!

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