5 Benefits of User Group Meetings

We have had several successful User Group Meetings this year.  Thank you!!!  Our next one is in Bismark, ND on October 24 in conjunction with NDSBA.  (Brrrrrr..)

A successful user group meeting is one where everyone walks away knowing more than when they came.  I want you to have several new tips or processes to try upon your return to your office that will have a positive impact for you and your organization.  While the software is important, conversations are not limited to just it.  You can benefit in many ways.  Here are five.

  1. Learn a better way to accomplish a task
  2. Meet your peers and discover how they solve problems
  3. Learn about a new module or feature and how to use it
  4. Discuss hassles in the software with RDA and peers
  5. Encourage someone with a solution you developed

The RDA Team also finds user group meetings helpful.  We get to know you better.  You share your ideas with us.  We learn about ways to improve our software and services.  We listen to what you have to say.  As a result of each meeting, several  changes / improvements are made to the software.

Thank you to the folks at Amelia County Schools, Poquoson City Schools and Warren County Schools for hosting meetings this year.  I also like to give a shout out to Dona Todd and Kathy Disalvo for planning these important events!  Yeaaa!  Amelia gets the award for the best doughnuts!

As 2013 winds down, we are planning our User Group Meeting schedule for 2014.  If you would like to host one in your area, please reach out to Dona Todd.  Or, next time there is a meeting in your area, please join us.  Bring your ideas, hassles and questions to share.  Everyone will benefit from your participation.

If you attended a meeting this year, let others know how it went in the Comments section next to the title of this article.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


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