941 & Quarter End Balancing

We have some 941 related information to share with you, since it is once again that time!
For those of you that use the 941 form from OpenRDA, all you have to do to get the current form is make sure you have Payroll programs with a 2/17/14 Compile Date. It is no longer necessary to download the form separately, as it is now automatically downloaded when the Payroll update is run.
Please click the header in this article to read more if you if you aren’t currently printing the 941 form from the Payroll Tax Reports sub-menu.

If you aren’t currently printing the 941 form from the Payroll Tax Reports sub-menu, and are an Enterprise customer, you can gain access to do so by contacting us for the daily Dev License, and turning on a GSV. If you’re a 101 customer, you can purchase the 941 Tax Form bundle for a minimal fee; just contact Mimi English (mvenglish@rdasys.com) if you’re interested.
To see our documentation on how to run a 941 form out of OpenRDA, please click the link below:?_?_
How do I run a 941 Federal Tax form in OpenRDA?
Or go to Help _?? OpenRDA Answers/Documentation _?? Payroll _?? Documentation _?? Reports, and click on the question/link _??How do I run a 941 Federal Tax form in OpenRDA?_?.
We also want to point out two other documents found under OpenRDA Answers/Documentation,?_ to assist you with peparing your 941 forms:
How do I identify 941 outages?
How can I reconcile taxable wages and tax withholdings each quarter?
If you have any questions, please submit a cyber support request to our Payroll team.

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