The Add Direct Vouchers process has been modified to facilitate entry of pre-paid expense. Pre-paid expense vouchers are ones that are due in one fiscal year but are for services/products in the next fiscal year. Instead of using the accounts payable code, these type of vouchers should use the Pre-Paid Expense balance sheet code (will have a reference type of PRE-PAID ITEMS). The Pre-Paid Expense flag is located on the line immediately above the Account Codes. Once the expenditure code is selected, clicking the Pre-Paid Expense flag will cause the Payable Code to change to the Prepaid Expense/Prepaid Items balance sheet code. If you do not see a description to the right of the balance sheet code, that indicates that it doesn’t exist and needs to be created (see below). When entering pre-paid expense vouchers, you should use the Override so that the Fiscal Month can be changed to Pre-Year and the Fiscal Year changed to the next fiscal year. That fiscal year must have already been opened in Financial Management.
This asset account can be created via Setup, Financial Management Setup, if you do not already have one (you would also need to create the balance sheet account masters so that the code is associated with a fund; and updates to Financial Management and Vendor Payments would need to be executed following this setup).

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