Additional News Related to the Affordable Care Act

Follow up to the news article published 5/12/2014 titled Affordable Care Act: Final Rules, you will notice that there is a difference between the RDA article and the BNA article in reference to the full-time weekly threshold.?_ The RDA article reads 40 hours while the BNA article reads 30 hours.?_ This is because after the BNA article was published, the House passed a change on April 3 to increase the threshold from 30 to 40 hours.?_ We indicated this change on the RDA article.?_
Click the title of this article to read more . . . . We pass this information to you to assist in managing the requirements for the Affordable Care Act, however know that RDA Systems is not the expert and you should always refer to the IRS website for the most current, up to date information on the ACA requirements and rules or any other Federal/tax regulations .?_ It’s very possible changes will continue to be made to ACA requirements.

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