In lieu of printing the Total Compensation Statement, it can be archived as a personnel document (will automatically have document type of TOTAL COMP). The report uses Payroll’s Deduction Fiscal file (PAYDFSM) and Leave Management’s transaction file (LVETRAN). The selected fiscal year must match the fiscal year in both files. The Description 2 field from the Deduction Type file is used to describe the benefit. For example, enter HEALTH INSURANCE or MEDICAL INSURANCE for the HEALTH-M deduction type, MEDICARE TAX for the MEDICARE-M deduction type, FICA TAX for the FICA-M deduction type. The report shows employer cost only for the benefit. Fiscal wages pull from the personnel fiscal file (PAYPFSM). The label for Leave pulls from the Title field in the leave type file. Leave Types and Deduction Types can be excluded by using the Exclude from Benefit Statement field (see separate announcements relative to this).

Currently, use of this archive report process is predicated on your organization having the Leave Management module as well as the Payroll module. Organizations that have at least Level 2 of the Archive module, can also email the statement. A future enhancement will allow organizations that have ESS PIM to upload the archived document (similar to the way that direct deposits and W2s can be archived and uploaded).


Product Date: Saturday, December 21, 2013


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