Being Honest About Mistakes

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Do you ever talk to yourself?  I did that last month while using virtual chat with a customer/user within our OpenRDA software.  After getting no response (understandable since I was chatting with myself . . . actually makes me think of a Glee episode . . .  but I digress), I took matters into my own hands and proceeded to make a rather stupid mistake (but fixable).

No one dislikes making mistakes more than I do. The important thing is realizing that you made a mistake and admitting it without delay. Which I did and, after the laughter subsided (mine as well as my co-workers), the problem I caused on one of our servers was quickly resolved.

The above is true of mistakes that you might make as you use our OpenRDA software. Use Helpdesk (via cyber-support, telephone, etc.) without delay and give us as much information as possible. And, don’t forget to laugh at yourself! Even for perfectionists like me, it feels rather good.




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