The Combined Budget Report (Appropriations and Estimated Revenues) has been modified so that setting flags will create a tab-delimited file in E-Documents as well as in the xpert directory (the report in pdf format will automatically archive). This file (BUDGETRPT.tsv) will contain the following fields for the selected budget identification: account type, account type description, account code, account code description, grant identification, account manager, reference type, and budgeted amount. When the option on the range screen for Include Fund Summary Totals is elected, the file will also include fiscal year, budget identification, fund number and description, total estimated revenues, total appropriations, and use of fund balance. Use of this report is predicated on appropriately named budget identifications. For example, REQUESTED BUDGET; RECOMMENDED BUDGET; APPROVED BUDGET. There is no need to incorporate the fiscal year in the name of the budget identification as the fiscal year is automatically a component of all budgets.

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