A new report has been created for OpenRDA that will produce a tab-delimited file (named DEDUCTIONEXPORT.tsv) in the xpert directory as well as Payroll’s electronic filing cabinet. The report selects information from the employees’ active deduction masters (deduction description must also be active). In this file will be the personnel identification and name of the employee, deduction identification and description, vendor name, benefit amount, additional amount and coverage amount from the employee’s deduction master, employee’s address, gender, birth date, hire date, adjusted hire date, status title, marital status, pay location, phone number, email address, and total current salary (from personnel demographics). The social security number can be masked to only display the last 4 digits. Tax deductions as well as direct deposit deductions can be excluded. Ranging on Employer Identification allows entities who have more than one EIN to prepare separate files for submitting to insurance providers, etc. This export will produce one record for an employee with varying number of deductions. Because the number of deductions are unlimited, column headers for deductions can only display for the first listed deduction.

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