A new feature has been created to facilitate downloading certain laser forms into the /rda/xpert/forms directory. These forms are Direct Deposit (decorated transmittal), Payroll Check Decorated Stub, Vendor Payments Decorated Stub, 941, Benefit Recap (borders), and Purchase Order (borders). A Development License (access code for the day) is required. Because use of these forms requires the codes to be in printer definitions, this download program also allows an existing printer definition to be selected and then updated based on the standard HP Laser 4000n printer definition codes. The 941 form is an optional software bundle for OpenRDA 101 customers. The Benefit Recap is a custom feature for all customers. Visibility of the decorated direct deposit 8.5 x 11 transmittal form as well as the decorated check forms in Payroll, Payroll Vendor Withholding, and in Vendor Payments is controlled by generic setup variables (Checks to Display, Check/Direct Deposits, and V/W tabs in Payroll; Check Styles in Vendor Payments).

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