A report has been created for OpenRDA and added to Reports, Detail Reports. The Fiscal Month for receipts and transfers should always be the same as the Deposit Date’s month to facilitate reconciliation of cash (book balance) in Financial Management with bank statement (bank balance). This new report will list receipt records where these fields do not agree. Recommended range is by Fiscal Year. If the Deposit Date is correct and the receipt has been distributed, the fiscal month cannot be changed unless the distribution is undone (when a fiscal year has already been audited and closed, you should not make any corrections; the discrepancies that the report reveals would be informational only). When not distributed, the fiscal month can be changed directly in the receipt record with administrative edits. Otherwise, you must undo the source user verification to change the fiscal month. If the fiscal month is correct but the deposit date is incorrect, you can change the deposit date in the receipt record as long as it hasn’t been updated to the Bank Rec module.

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