It is likely that at some point, you will have to add garnishment deductions to employees. Creditor garnishments, tax liens, IRS levies and child support orders all require very specific setups, and may seem confusing and intimidating. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We have documented the various setups, and have built tables in OpenRDA for you to use when appropriate.
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Some court orders stipulate that deduction amounts are to be based upon established tables. We have built tables in OpenRDA that correspond with Federal and State garnishment rules. These tables calculate garnishment amounts, including $0.00, based upon ranges of disposable income (i.e., gross minus taxes) by pay frequency. For a point of reference, Federal tables can be viewed at
We recently discovered that the Federal tables in OpenRDA were not working properly, so we have made corrections, and they now, once again, conform with the Federal garnishment rules. The Virginia garnishment tables were already correct per Virginia rules, so were not changed.
Documentation on garnishment deduction setups can be accessed from OpenRDA, under Help > OpenRDA Answers/Documentation > Payroll > Documentation > Setup. You can also use the links below:

_??How do I set up a garnishment deduction?_??_
_??How do I set up a child support deduction?_?
_??How do I set up an IRS levy deduction?_?

Our tables and documentation should assist you with the setup of new garnishment deductions. As always, please submit a cyber support request if you have any questions regarding the setup process.

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