GL Detail For Auditors

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Auditors normally ask for a detailed general ledger report for the fiscal period. But, how detailed do they actually need/want when it comes to Payroll? The lowest level of detail for Payroll is in the job and deduction transactions. Those files also usually contain the most records (since there is no limit on the number of employee and employer-paid deductions in OpenRDA); ergo, the more records, the longer the selection time and, of course, the longer the report/output. The G/L Detail Report with Full Sort gives you the option to select Payroll Activity instead of Payroll Detail. Payroll Activity is a summary record for a balance sheet account that’s created when a payroll is distributed/cleared. It isn’t the same as the Summary Only option for the detail (Payroll Labors, Payroll Labor Liability, Payroll Clear Checks, Payroll Deductions, etc.) as that option still has to read through all the job and deduction transaction records. Be sure to read the Report Description tab of this report’s range screen.



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