The Job and Personnel Demographics Export report has been modified to include School Grade and School Subject. These are two new fields in Personnel Demographics (on the Identifiers tab) that display when the organization type is school. The report produces a tab-delimited file in the /rda/xpert directory as well as in Payroll’s E-Documents. It selects based on active employee deductions and active deduction descriptions. One record for an employee is produced (since the number of jobs cannot be predicted, only the first job will have column headers). No deduction information will be included in the file. The use of deduction information in the selection criteria allows record selection to be refined. For example, ranging on Deduction type of HEALTH-M would cause the file to only include personnel and job-related information for employees having active deductions of that type. The Job-Related Range fields can be used to further refine the selection (for example, you could range on gross identification to only select certain jobs; this is particularly useful when employees have more than one job). This report is accessed from the General Payroll Info reports anchor in OpenRDA.

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