The Job Pay Master Export Report creates a tab-delimited file in Payroll’s electronic filing cabinet. It is accessed via General Payroll Info Reports, Job Pay Reports. The report uses the job pay master file and will contain Personnel ID, Name, Job Number, Pay ID, Check/DD Number and Date, Net, and Gross. Remarks and Description from the payroll job master are also included in the file. Additionally, the position identification, gross identification, and FTE Amount that existed in the payroll job master at the time of payroll are included. An option to include more detail from the job pay master is available (grade, step, step alpha, misc unit, extra service, misc salary, retirement salary, and life insurance salary that existed in the job master at the time the payroll was selected). A new feature is Employee Summary Only which provides totals by job for Check/EFT Net and Gross along with number of pays and the values (job master) from the last payroll for the selected period.

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