A source process field has been added to the Journal Entry file definition that will be populated when new journal entries are created (this field will display in a list on the Accounting tab of the Journal Entry Maintain Screen; it is not editable). When program updates are executed, a report will automatically run to establish the source in journal entries that derived from recurring journal entries (source 8) and converted data (source 11); the??source for one-sided journal entries (i.e., journal entries that contain only one balance sheet code) that were created using the Multi-Add Journal Entries process will automatically set to the appropriate source (in order to control the necessary editability and deletion of those type of journal entries; journal entries that contain only one balance sheet account have limited editability and cannot be deleted as that would cause an out-of-balance situation; new, offsetting journal entries are required to correct). The actual source process for other??pre-existing journal entries will not be known; therefore, the Source Process will reflect 0-Not Established.

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