Let Your Data Work for You, Not You for the Data

I need some folks to share their thoughts on an exciting new report that creates a CSV file of exactly what is on the screen – see below, but first….

Put Your Data to Work For You.  I have been asked “How does this work?”.  There is a difference between data and information.   Data consists of raw facts and figures without context.   Data is limited in its use and value.   Information is data presented or organized in such a way as to communicate a message.  There are no limits to the use and value of information.

Turning data into information is “letting data work for you”.  Here is how:

As your organization uses OpenRDA to pay bills, process payroll, order goods, receive funds, etc., much data is gathered.  We help you leverage this data beyond getting things done in your organization.  We put the data to work for you.  We provide you tools to organize and present the data in formats that create information.  If done well, this information speaks volumes and tells a story that you can trust.  This information helps you make important and meaningful decisions.  These stories are invaluable.  This is a key strength of OpenRDA.

New Report to CSV.  There is a new way to put your data to work.  We now have our first report (Expenditure Summary) that saves as “What You See is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) to a CSV file format.  It is not yet released to the general public.  I need some feedback on the layout of the CSV file.  If you would like to have look at the current layout and share with me what you think, add a comment or email me.

Your input is appreciated by myself and your peers.

I look forward to putting your data to work in new ways.

11 thoughts on “Let Your Data Work for You, Not You for the Data”

    • Hi Lori. I’ve let Dave know and he’ll be back in touch with you either tomorrow or Monday. Hope you have a great day. It’s cold down here in Georgia again. Last winter (a.k.a. no winter) really spoiled me.


    • Sandra:

      Thank you very much for offering to help out and provide some feedback! I will be in touch with you today or first of next week.

      Dave Davis


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