Documentation has been combined with OpenRDA Answers. This involved changing buttons for the Help menu (on the Resource bar for OpenRDA), as well as the Screen Help and Resource Help Screen. This was done to make it easier to find the information you need for working in OpenRDA (and Xpert).

The Manuals/Documentation menu item has been removed and all the information associated with that link has been consolidated into the OpenRDA Answers/Documentation link on the Help Menu. In addition to this menu change, documentation includes links to Processing Steps and Frequently Asked Questions for certain modules. After selecting a module, you may be taken to a submenu which will include links for Documentation, Processing Steps, and Frequently Asked Questions (when available for that module). The Documentation link will take you to the specific menu items available for that module. Clicking on one of these menu items will take you to specific documentation related to your question. The Processing menus will take you through the normal processing steps (i.e. Add Journal Entries) necessary to add transactions in a module. The steps are linked to the Documentation Page (describing each step of the process in detail as well as indicating which steps are required and which steps are optional). The Frequently Asked Questions section includes explanations/resolutions.


Product Date: Thursday, August 1, 2013

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