A new activity report has been created for??OpenRDA. This report shows balance sheet activity for a specific fiscal period with beginning balances. The report displays processing (fiscal) year and month, posted status, posted date, entry date (or affect date if using that feature), transaction number, debits, credits, balance, source user, comments, and source archive. Source archive pertains to the archived report that created the activity. Please see the Report Description tab for more information.
This report is very useful when using pooled bank accounts (an RDA recommended best practice). On the Select and Sort tab, optional sort level 1 should be the last dimension of the balance sheet code; other Sort Levels should be N/A; Total by Account should be off (not checked) for straight running balances unless you wish to see each fund’s share of the bank account for the selected month. On the Range tab, range on the cash code dimension for the pooled bank account (pooled bank accounts should always have the same cash code dimension).

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