One of the tasks at fiscal year end is to move employees’ leave balances to the next fiscal year.?_RDA makes this task less time-consuming, and more manageable, by providing you with a Year End sub-menu under Maintenance, and detailed documentation on the entire process. The Year End sub-menu groups the related steps, including recommended reports that identify and re-establish unprocessed amounts, and archive employees’ ending balances for the current year, before the Cap or Move Leave Balances processes are run.
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To view our documentation, you can go to Help > OpenRDA Answers/Documentation > Leave Management > Documentation > Maintenance > _??How can I clear the earned and used amounts and reset the Beginning Balance for each Leave ID at the start of the fiscal year?_?. Or, you can click here.
You can choose to perform these steps on your own, or have RDA assist for a small fee. Please contact Mimi English if you would like a proposal.

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