New OPENRDA programs released 4/6/2018

New OpenRDA 3.0 and 4.0 programs were made available on the web as follows:

  • OpenRDA 3.0 compile and release date is 3/27/2018

  • OpenRDA 4.0 compile date is 3/27/2017 and the release version is 4.0.37-39349

This release contains

  • OpenRDA 3.0 and OpenRDA 4.0 Georgia Department of Labor Unemployment Quarterly File

  • OpenRDA 4.0
    • 2018 North Dakota Withholding Table
    • North Carolina new filing status and updated standard deduction amounts
    • 2018 941 Form
    • Tennessee Concord file change to service credit
    • Leave Import
    • Modification to the Georgia State Health AUF file
    • Corrections to the Total Expense by Account Code report

Please see Product Announcements for additional features in this release.


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