New OpenRDA 4.0 Programs Released 12/7/2016

New OpenRDA 4.0 programs were made available on the website 12/7/2016. ?_The compile date is 12/6/2016 and the version number is 4.0.22-38601. This release corrects the Check Control report in Financial Management as well as the Purchase Order Audit Trail which were ?_broken in the 11/28/2016 release. ?_ ?_
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This release also contains the following enhancement:


A change has been made on the GHI?_Eligible?_Date located on the Benefits tab in Personnel Demographics. The date will be used in determining whether the calendar is updated with Update Payroll History based on the Pay Date on the Pay Master. A future eligible date can be set, and it will not update the calendar until the pay date occurs. If the GHI Eligible Date is blank, the calendar will be updated immediately based on the GHI Eligible flag only.

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