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Don’t forget the change in the calendar year most likely means new tax rates for payroll.

To update any tax table or rate change for 2017:
  • First, verify the latest programs are downloaded and updated (check the News Articles for the latest release and compile dates under the Help menu in OpenRDA).
  • Next, access the applicable tax Deduction Description, and click the Copy Standard Setup button, which is located on the Compute tab; this will change any rate and threshold amounts.
  • Finally, a window will appear, asking you to verify the deduction you want to update; the Deduction Description ID and the Deduction Type will display; click Select.

On the OpenRDA Answers page, there is detailed documentation on how to use the Copy Standard Setup button to update changes for Federal and State tax Deductions. You will find a link to this documentation is below. Choose the appropriate deduction under Setup: http://wiki.openrda.com/wiki/index.php/Category:PAYROLL_SETUP

Also on the OpenRDA Answers page is a Calendar Checklist. You can use this to verify that the necessary steps have been completed for the beginning of the calendar year. A link to the Calendar Checklist is below: http://wiki.openrda.com/wiki/index.php/CALENDAR_CHECKLIST_FOR_OPENRDA


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