OpenRDA 4.0 Update

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The rollout of OpenRDA 4.0 is going very well.  We just completed our 20th customer update.  Yay!

The 4.0 update process goes something like this:

  1. A mutually agreeable time table is determined.
  2. Your secure server in the cloud is configured and made available for a two week trial period with a copy of your OpenRDA 3.0 data loaded.
  3. A navigation training session is conducted with RDA Customer Care.
  4. Over the next two weeks you perform sample OpenRDA 4.0 processing and testing in your secure cloud.
  5. Any anomalies reported by you are addressed by RDA staff.  (FYI – There have been very few reported.)
  6. Trial period is completed, your cloud server is updated with the latest 3.0 data.
  7. OpenRDA 4.0 live operations commence.


Little kid playing with toy blocks.The update process is exceeding expectations.

A few advantages of updating to OpenRDA 4.0 are:

  1. No more VNC.
  2. No more Core FTP.
  3. No more linux server print queues.
  4. Access your system from any fast internet access point.
  5. There is no charge for the software update.

Let Mimi English know if you would like to change to a sooner rollout date.


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