OpenRDA Answers Document Publication (3/24 – 4/4)

All RDA documentation published to the OpenRDA Answers website from the prior two weeks can be found below. ?_If you have any questions concerning the news article, please contact us.
Please click the header in this news article to see the list of documentation published from March 24 through April 4:


PAYROLL-UNDOVWUPDBR RANGE SCREEN?_-?_If a vendor withholding voucher needs to be changed, delted or voided, what process needs to be run beforehand?
PAYROLL-UNDOVWAUDIT RANGE SCREEN – How would I turn off the source verified flag in the vendor withholding voucher file?
PAYROLL-UNDOPAYVDST RANGE SCREEN?_-?_If a fiscal period, amount or Debit/Credit code needs to be changed in a vendor withholding voucher, what process do I need to run beforehand?
PAYROLL-PAYDTYPUPD RANGE SCREEN – If I’ve made changes to the OpenRDA Deduction Type Masters, how would I update these changes to the Employee Self Serve website?

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