OpenRDA Answers Document Publication (4/28 – 5/2)

All RDA documentation published to the OpenRDA Answers website from the prior two weeks can be found below. If you have any questions concerning the news article, please contact us.
Please click the header in the news article to see the list of documentation published from April 28 through May 2:


PRSNNL-ETHNIC BROWSE – How would I assign an ethnic code to a Personnel ID?
PRSNNL-EDUCATION TYPE BROWSE – How would I assign an education type to an Education Master?
PRSNNL-PERSONNEL STATUS BROWSE – How would I assign an employee status to an Personnel ID?
PRSNNL-ENDORSEMENT TYPE BROWSE – How can I create and maintain an endorsement type?
PRSNNL-PERCERTUPLD2PIM RANGE SCREEN – How can I upload new and updated Certification and License records to the Employee Self Serve website?


PAYROLL-UPDATEXPTDED RANGE SCREEN – If I make changes to my benefits at the Employee Self Serve website, how would I download these changes to update my deduction masters in OpenRDA?
PAYROLL-UPDATEOSSDED RANGE SCREEN – If I made changes to the deduction masters in OpenRDA, how would I upload them to the Employee Self Serve website?


VENPMT-VENTRANSMITDECOA RANGE SCREEN – How do I archive a decorated transmittal?
VENPMT-CHANGEINVOICEID RANGE SCREEN – If I need to change an invoice ID for a voucher, how would I do this?

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