OpenRDA Answers Document Publication (5/5 – 5/9)

All RDA documentation published to the OpenRDA Answers website from the prior two weeks can be found below. If you have any questions concerning the news article, please contact us.
Please click the header in the news article to see the list of documentation published from May 5 through May 9:


PRSNNL-PERETHUPD RANGE SCREEN – Updates new and updated ethnic codes to ESS
PRSNNL-PERENDUPLD2PIM RANGE SCREEN – Uploads new and updated endorsement records to ESS
PRSNNL-ESSREQFLAG RANGE SCREEN – Sets ESS Flag in Personnel Demographics
PRSNNL-ESSMNGROLES RANGE SCREEN – Uploads users’ Supervisor designation to ESS


PAYROLL-UPDATEOSSDDMS RANGE SCREEN – Upload changes to Deduction Description Masters to ESS
PAYROLL-UPDJOBS2OPENSS RANGE SCREEN – If I made changes to the Job Masters in OpenRDA, how would I upload these changes to the Employee Self Serve website?
PAYROLL-PURGEPAYDEDM RANGE SCREEN – How can I prevent employee benefits/deductions from appearing on the Employee Self Serve website?
PAYROLL-K-12 TALENTED – Creating exports of data to import ?_into Netchemia TalentED

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