RDA December Program Release – OpenRDA Navigation Panel is Changing

I am excited to announce program updates will be available Dec 5. This release includes W2/1099 updates. In addition, we have heard you loud and clear on your likes and dislikes of OpenRDA. We worked very hard to address your concerns and get resolutions to you quickly so that you may reap the benefits during this busy season. The layout of the navigation panel has changed; more information below. Initial feedback from your peers on these enhancements has been extremely positive.

Sometimes when endeavoring to help you be great at what you do, we “swing the pendulum too far” in one direction. In this case, you let us know that the OpenRDA control panel was too restrictive. You liked the improvements in navigation but found the processing too limited. I feel the changes in this release bring the pendulum back to center. Many processing controls you loved with Xpert have been reinstated. The control panel navigation and screen layout is further enhanced to focus on what you do.

Screenshots will be available for your review soon. In addition, I will be hosting a short webinar on Thursday, November 29 @ 11 AM EST and again on Tuesday, December 4th @ 3 PM EST. For those who cannot make the webinar, there will be a video of the new release available for viewing at your convenience. I encourage you to take advantage of this information to preview the new release.

[link id=’1039′ text=’Go here’] to register for the webinar or request a link to the video.

For those interested in some details, see below:

  1. Eliminate the multi tasking restrictions and problems inherent with running all processes in one control panel.
  2. Give users more control of their work space and individual processes.
  3. Bring back the process window controls that support multitasking. (minimize/restore/close)
  4. The navigation and screen layout is further enhanced by reorganizing screens to provide focus and clarity on what you use over 90% of the time.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I am excited about the changes in this program release, please let me know what you think.

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