A process had been created for OpenRDA customers which allows entry of multiple rates of pay for one job on one screen. The ten standard rates available to this process are: SALARY, SALARY ADJUST, HOURLY UNIT, OVERTIME-BASE, OVERTIME-ABOVE, LEAVE DOCKED, SICK PAY, VACATION PAY, ADJUSTMENTS, and DAILY UNIT. This process does not support automatic docking nor importing of time clock units. Visibility of the process is controlled via the Payroll Generic Setup Variables (Display Multiple Rates in Mass). Unlike the Select Multiple Rates per Job process (which requires the number of pays/pay frequency to be in the job master), this in mass process allows the number of pays to be in the job or in the gross identification/definition. This in mass process also allows ranging for selection of specific groups of jobs. These options will appear under Pay Jobs, Multiple Rates. The process opens on the Create Pay Master screen where a new Pay ID can be created, or an existing Pay ID can be selected/loaded. Once the Pay ID has been populated, select the desired process using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

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