A new menu option has been added to the Finish tab for OpenRDA’s Payroll task bar. The reports listed under Final Validation Reports should be run after each payroll. These reports are:
1) Check for Unupdated Deduction Pay Masters (the report will select verified deduction pay masters for the calendar year entered on the range screen that haven’t been updated; if records select, will indicate that the Update Payroll History step has not been completed for the identified payroll).
2) Federal/State Earnings Comparison (this report is for use by organizations in states with state income tax).
3) FICA/Medicare Earnings Comparison (these are normally the same unless you have employees who have reached the FICA gross threshold for the calendar year or if you have Medicare only employees)
4) FICA Calculations Report (uses the rates and gross threshold for the calendar year entered on the range screen)
5) Deduction Pay Masters vs. Calendar Comparison

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