Creation of a positive pay file for First Citizens Bank is now available for OpenRDA. If you use this bank and want to utilitize positive pay, you’ll need to first turn on the Generic Setup Variable in Setup (Generic Setup Variables, Positive Pay tab). Next, turn on Using Positive Pay in the Bank Account master. The First Citizens Bank Positive Pay will display on Bank Rec’s taskbar.

This process prints a report for review and, when flags are set, a fixed-field formatted file (each line is 80 characters) for submission (uploading) to the bank. Check dates are MMDDYYYY and the decimal in check amounts is implied (also, a voided check will be indicated by a V in the first column of the file). The positive pay file in the selected check records will be set to true once the file is created (preventing the same check records from being selected again). Since information is from the Check file (BNKCHK) in the Bank Reconciliation module, the current check run must be updated to bank rec to be selected for positive pay.

Product Date: Saturday, August 24, 2013

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