Programs Release: 01/03/2014

OpenRDA/Xpert programs for Linux?_and Windows platforms have been released to our website for downloading and installing. These programs, with a compiled and released date of 01/03/2014, contain many new features and enhancements. Full release notes are available from?_Product Announcements?_(accessed with this link as well as via Help on the Resource Bar of OpenRDA) for this release (as well as for prior releases).?_
Highlights of this release are below:

Tax Updates for 2014?_(Payroll module; use the Copy Standard Setup button from the Compute tab of the Deduction Description to update tax deductions/tables). Click this link to access the federal and state tax documentation. Please note that downloading and installing the programs does not automatically update the deduction descriptions/tables; it only provides the resources.
Total Compensation Report?_(Payroll module; replaces the Benefit Recap report; shows employer-paid benefits as well as leave earned transactions for the selected fiscal year; can be archived as a personnel document and emailed).
ICMA-RC VRS Hybrid Plan File (Payroll module; for Virginia customers).
Number of Volunteers (Occupational Tax/Business Licenses module; tracking of volunteers for non-profit organizations).
Deposit Date for Misc Billing Receipts (Misc Billing module; new feature to simplify updating receipts to Bank Reconciliation module and to check for agreement with fiscal month).
Due Date/Calendar Period Warning (Vendor Payments module; setup variable that will allow warning for when due date and calendar period do not agree).
Voucher Distribution (Vendor Payments module; can elect to display either vendor identification or vendor name).

Note to?_Windows?_customers (those with OpenRDA on a windows work station instead of a linux server): always?_turn off/inactivate anti-virus software when downloading the program files and executing/running program updates.

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