Programs Release: 05/28/2013

OpenRDA/Xpert programs have been released to our website for downloading and installing. These programs have a compiled and released date of 5/28/2013. Full release notes are available from Product Announcements (accessed via Help; product announcements can be sorted by category, module, and product date). Highlights of this month’s release are (click the article title to read more):

Last Modified fields in Payroll Job Master?_(fields are on the Modified Status tab of the job master maintain screen and are not editable as the various processes, including saving the job master record, will update these).
New Payroll Reports?_(calendar summary reports to assist in reporting and analyses of hourly units worked, especially for part-time employees in conjunction with the Affordable Health Care Act).
Workers Comp Injury Report (Personnel module)
Family Leave of Absence Report (Leave Management module)
Voiding Substitute Payment Records (Substitute Management module).
Reclassifying Vouchers (directly from the voucher maintain screen; this allows corrections to account codes to be made easily in the Vendor Payments module and avoids the necessity for undoing processes or, alternatively, journal entries).
Recurring Vouchers in Vendor Payments (enhancements to table edit method that allows the columns to be sorted five different ways).
Source Process field in Journal Entry records (Financial Management module).

Click for?_Product Announcements. Once on the Product Announcements page, change the RDA Category to the desired one and/or to the desired Module. The Start Date for the product announcements defaults to three months before the current calendar date but can be changed as needed/desired so that you’re seeing less (or more) announcements.

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