Programs Release: 08/02/2013

OpenRDA/Xpert programs have been released to our website for downloading and installing. These programs have a compiled and released date of 08/02/2013. Full release notes are available from Product Announcements (accessed via Help; product announcements can be sorted by category, module, and product date). Highlights of this month’s release are (click the article title to read more):

On-Line Help?_(enhancements to OpenRDA Answers/Documentation; in addition to product announcements, please see the news article for more information)
Void Vendor Withholding Vouchers (instead of a single process, separate processes created for voiding V/W checks and electronic transmittals to decrease possibility of errors)
Upload to ESS for Documents (new field created in the Document Type file to indicate which document types are available for uploading to Employee Self Serve)
Change Number of Pays in Job Pay Master (a report to change in mass when the number of pays is maintained in the job master instead of the position tracking gross definitions)?_

Click for?_Product Announcements. Once on the Product Announcements page, change the RDA Category to the desired one and/or to the desired Module. The Start Date for the product announcements defaults to three months before the current calendar date but can be changed as needed/desired so that you’re seeing less (or more) announcements.

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